Workshop Program

Monday, August 8, 2022
8:45 am - 9:00 am PDT
Opening remarks
Program Co-Chairs: Alefiya Husssain, USC Information Sciences Institute and Thomas Tarman, Sandia National Laboratories
9:00 am - 10:00 am PDT
Keynote: Defending space missions: Cybersecurity experiences from operational deployments
Kymie Tan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory     
10:00 am - 10:36 am PDT
Session I: Specialized Testbeds (chair David Balenson, SRI International)
Old MacDonald had a smart farm: Building a testbed to study cybersecurity in smart dairy farming
Sharad Agarwal, Awais Rashid and Joseph Gardiner, University of Bristol, UK     
Building an Avionics Laboratory for Cybersecurity Testing
Martin Strohmeier, Giorgio Tresolid, Cyber-Defence Campus, Armasuisse S+T, Switzerland, Leeloo Granger, EPFL, Vincent Lenders and Daniel Moser, Cyber-Defence Campus, Armasuisse S+T, Switzerland     
VET5G: A Virtual End-to-End Testbed for 5G Network Security Experimentation
Zhixin Wen, Harsh Sanjay Pacherkar, Guanhua Yan, Binghamton University, State University of New York, US      
10:36 am - 10:56 am PDT
10:56 am - 11:48 am PDT
Session II: Datasets and Building Knowledge (chair Meghan Sahakian, Sandia National Laboratories)
Courses as Code: The Aquinas Learning System
W. Michael Petullo, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse, US      
JUGAAD: Comprehensive Malware Behavior-as-a-Service
Sareena K P, Nikhilesh Singh, Chester Rebeiro and V Kamakoti, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India      
PowerDuck: A GOOSE Data Set of Cyberattacks in Substations
Sven Zemanek,Fraunhofer FKIE, Immanuel Hacker, RWTH Aachen University & Fraunhofer FIT, Konrad Wolsing, Eric Wagner, Fraunhofer FKIE & RWTH Aachen University, Martin Henze, RWTH Aachen University & Fraunhofer FKIE and Martin Serror, Fraunhofer FKIE     
Dataflow-based Control Process Identification for ICS Dataset Development
Seungoh Choi, Hyeok-Ki Shin, Woomyo Lee, Jeong-Han Yun and Byung-Gil Min, The affiliated institute of ETRI, Korea     
The DARPA SEARCHLIGHT Dataset of Application Network Traffic
Calvin Ardi, USC/Information Sciences Institute, US, Connor Aubry, Sandia National Laboratories, US, Brian Kocoloski, Dave DeAngelis, Alefiya Hussain, USC/Information Sciences Institute, US, Matt Troglia, Sandia National Laboratories, US and Stephen Schwab, USC/Information Sciences Institute      
Toward Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable Cybersecurity Artifacts
David Balenson, SRI International, US, Terry Benzel, USC/Information Sciences Institute, US, Eric Eide, University of Utah, US, David Emmerich, University of Illionis, US, David Johnson, University of Utah, Jelena Mirkovic, USC/Information Sciences Institute, US, and Laura Tinnel, SRI International, US      
11:48 - 12:33 PDT
12:33 - 13:16 PDT
Session III: Cybersecurity Experiments (chair Eric Eide, University of Utah)
Verification of Cyber Emulation Experiments Through Virtual Machine and Host Metrics
Jamie Thorpe, Laura Swiler, Seth Hanson, Gerardo Cruz, Thomas Tarman, Sandia National Laboratories and Trevor Rollins     
Measuring and Analyzing DoS Flooding Experiments
Amir Farhat, Samuel DeLaughter and Karen Sollins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US     
Context Matters: Accurately Measuring the Efficacy of Denial-of-Service Mitigations
Samuel DeLaughter and Karen Sollins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US     
Generating Representative Video Teleconferencing Traffic
Dave DeAngelis, Alefiya Hussain, Brian Kocoloski, Calvin Ardi and Stephen Schwab, USC/Information Sciences Institute, US     
13:16 - 13:36 PDT
13:36 - 14:31 PDT
Session IV: Security of Software Systems (chair Jeremiah Onaolapo, University of Vermont)
Certificate Root Stores---An Area of Unity or Disparity?
Jegan Purushothaman, Ethan Thompson and AbdelRahman Abdou, Carleton University, Canada      
The Distributed Digital Body Farm: Enabling the Analysis of Deleted File Decay Patterns
Omoche Cheche Agada, James H Jr Jones, George Mason University, US and Kevin Fairbanks, The Mitre Corporation, US     
Toward the Detection of Polyglot Files
Luke Koch, Bredesen Center, UTK, Sean Oesch, Amul Chaulagain, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US, Mary Adkisson, Tennessee Tech University, US, Samantha Erwin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US and Brian Weber, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US     
A Broad Comparative Evaluation of x86-64 Binary Rewriters
Eric Schulte, GrammaTech, US, Michael D. Brown, Trail of Bits, US, and Vlad Folts, GrammaTech, US     
Exploring the Propagation of Vulnerabilities from GitHub Repositories Hosted by Major Technology Organizations
Ben Lazarine, Zhong Zhang, Sagar Samtani, Indiana University, US and Hongyi Zhu, The University of Texas at San Antonio, US     
14:31 - 14:45 PDT
Closing remarks
Program Co-Chairs: Alefiya Husssain, USC Information Sciences Institute and Thomas Tarman, Sandia National Laboratories


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